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Dietitian at Home


The program is an application that runs on Windows Phone 7/8. It allows you to follow a weight loss diet.
It also allows you to monitor the progress. Currently it's only translated into Catalan, Spanish and English.
This program allows the user to enter their personal and morphological data. Then, the program will tell you your BMI.
You can create a weight loss diet, and it allows you to follow up the diet by entering the weekly weights.
The program will generate weekly food diets and will let you download a list of recommended food and food under control.

The program runs on a trial version until you buy the app. It is fully functional with the only restriction that creates only one personalized weekly diet.

To download more weekly diets you should buy the license.

Dietitian @ Home website has the content associated with the program.


License: 0,99€

Contact information is here.


Download Dietitian @ Home from Windows Phone Store.App en Windows Phone Store
Download Dietitian @ Home user manual.

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